April 5, 2017

Three Poems by Joseph Kleponis: "Love's Odyssey," "Love's Call," and "Leaving"

Joseph Kleponis is, a retired teacher of English & American Literature lives north of Boston, Massachusetts. He has had poems published in Boston Literary Magazine, Leaflet, the Journal of the New England Association of Teachers of English, paperwasp, Eucalypt and other small literary journals.

Love's Odyssey

In youth's mad mid-spring
A warm, soft, sensitive, crazy lady
Whispered words of love.
Unlike wily Odysseus
I followed the Siren's song
Under a canopy of leafy trees,
Over soft grass,
The electricity of our lips touching -
Under icy stars not so distant,
Dreaming dreams of forever,
As night's darkness
Faded to purple pre-dawn,
Before sun's rosy fingers
Pushed out across the sky -
The odyssey continued
Through wind and rain
And chilly afternoons
Of silence and distance -
And like a mythic journey
Returning to the shore
Of my love, my life, with you.

Love's Call

What's more, what's more
The oceans roar -
Echoing across the sky -
Just another part
Of the song of my heart-
Of how I want you to be
With me, with me.


At the foot of the stairs,
Memories unsheathe themselves;
Forever they remain unconquerable
By guilt-ridden doubts
Or sadness of the heart.

© Joseph Kleponis

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