April 4, 2017

Highlight: Books by IVJ Authors

This month, we are featuring a few books written by authors published in IVJ. We've also opened an amazon bookstore page where you can purchase these books, and many more, written by our authors. If you have published content in Indiana Voice Journal, and you have a new book out and would like it listed in our bookstore, please let me know and I will add your book to our Bookstore page.

Walking by Inner Vision by Lynda McKinney Lambert
In this second collection, Pennsylvania artist, teacher, and author Lynda McKinney Lambert invites readers into her world of profound sight loss to discover the subtle nuances and beauty of a physical and spiritual world.

She takes strands from ancient mythology, history, and contemporary life and weaves a richly textured new fabric using images that are seen and unseen as she takes us on a year-long journey through the seasons.

All stories in this book were created after her sudden sight loss in 2007 from Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Lambert invites us to see the world with new eyes.

Watershed by Colin Dodds 
Burning towers, prostitutes in parachutes, and brave young men and women hiding from wireless signals. The future's about to be born, but who will change the diapers? 

WATERSHED is the story of a troubled, pregnant woman, and the two men—a snake dealer with a sideline in secret messages and a billionaire living under a false name—who vie for her. As their struggle takes them  through a near-future America of anti-technology enclaves and illegal hospitals, where stockbrokers moonlight as assassins, nurses procure obscure pleasures, a deeper and deadlier mystery emerges. 

Briefs by Alan Semrow
The lives of Semrow's characters in this debut collection are like the charged particles in the atmosphere before the storm; these stories, while brief, are torrid and turbulent, as relationships crash apart, people find themselves damp with more than tears, and the silver linings of the storm clouds remain tantalizing, out of reach. 

Alan Semrow’s work has been featured in over thirty publications. Semrow has a degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Apart from writing fiction and nonfiction, he is a professional copywriter. In his free time, he likes to be with his friends, family, and Shih Tzu, Remy. 

The Cellaring by Ken Allan Dronsfield.  Are you fascinated by fright? Do you take delight in the unexplainable? Does the forbidden entice you? Does evil invite you? Is it fear or infatuation that draws you, like a moth to a flame, towards wicked ways? Make your way down, down, down – deep into the cathartic cellaring. Step into the creeping shadows of the dark side and lose yourself to the unknown. With a lump in your throat and a slow prickling at the nape of your neck, witness the blood-filled horizon of a vermilion moon rising, and with it the stench of bad omen. Be enchanted by rogue fairies and play fool to their devious ways and trickery, as you are dragged deep into the woods of days gone by and whisperings of near-forgotten fable. Take flight upon black as night wings of the raven, an ominous journey towards devilry and destruction. Discover haunted houses, abandoned asylums, the magic of witchcraft and scream out loud at the things that go bump in the night. And if you should come face to face with a clowns killer smile, don’t forget to give yourself a long, hard pinch – the nightmare that awaits you in The Cellaring is all too real. - L.J. Diaz, Author

The Salamander Chronicles by Don Beukes. This poetry collection shouts triumph and courage, whilst rattling your senses and shaking up your bones. Be prepared to be astounded by delightful alliteration and verse lyrical in cadence. Some poems are a personal catharsis, some are soliloquies - truly insightful and authentic. This book digs down deep into humanity and directly speaks to the masses, the downtrodden - anyone constrained by religion, class and creed. Freedom and justice are inherent to the very core, leaving one feeling uplifted and motivated. The expression of language throughout this book is the definition of unequivocal beauty, effortlessly breaking down barriers and crossing boundaries to reach one and all. This collection of poetry certainly lives up to its metaphor - the salamander. We rise to fall, to rise once more. - L. J. Diaz

The Diving Rod by Andrew Hubbard

Andrew Hubbard’s poems are exceptional for their working-class portraits and their well-placed epiphanies. His poems glow when he lets the natural world adorn his narratives with insight. Like John Beecher and Philip Levine, his gift is an utter lack of nonsense. – Jim Thompson, Cacti Fur

Andrew Hubbard shows us the things we forget to look at. He inspires us with sun flashes on the lake, the curios of childhood, the magic found in nature, and the humor between jokes and rules. His voice is authentic, his lessons and imagery profound, the poems fresh and vivid, the writing superb. – Janine Pickett, Founding Editor, Indiana Voice Journal

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