April 5, 2017

Three Poems by Michael Kagan: "Kissing the Dice," "Inhumanity Roaming," and "The Chords of Karma"

Michael Kagan is a jazz musician from Toronto Canada.  A few years ago he heard a poem in the music and he's now "trying to say it right." He's been published in The Poet Community and Leaves of Ink.

Digital Art-Pixabay

Kissing the Dice

Still staring at empty pages
looking for sunlight
but the pages
would rather stare at the moon
looking for half lit answers
less painful in the dark
bed sheets creasing
the skin of my dreams
Still chasing whispers
of ecstasy dancing
finding beauty
in the soft edge of clouds
Still attracted to the mischief
in her charm
so in debt am I
to misadventure
so in love am I with
my baby's bigger picture
Still in love with the scent of her soap
so in love am I
with the whole bad idea

Inhumanity Roaming

The sky is one big blue eye
over a deep furrowed forehead
straining to see something in the chaos
animals we will always be
despite a complicated filigree
and careful attention to ornamental flowers
not fully human
undigested thorns and blood
I dream of the radiance
when soft winds carried the
sound of gentle laughter
now light is afraid of the dark
inhumanity roaming

The Chords of Karma

it was at a jam session
when we met him
with an ancient guitar
his feet never touched the ground
I watched him unfolding
at a nearby table
supported by the song of an angel
it was clearly natural
the fretless words behind his notes
sunshine and possibilities
he said we could know this to
inside the peace and tranquility
we all shook his hand
he said we had touched him before
as we screamed gasping in fear
that first lung full of air
the gift
did not elude
you feel
the master's hand
touching the strings
inside you

© Michael Kagan

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