April 4, 2017

Three Poems by Denny E. Marshall: "Haiku (No Title)," "Transformer," and "Lost on a Line"

Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published in various journals. Most recently, he has had poetry published in Bewildering Stories #696. His website is at www.dennymarshall.com

Haiku (No title)

in many layers
moving in all directions
the wonder of clouds

(1st published by Boston Lit Mag)


The window twisted open
In a spiral motion
Stories on the street
Drive by like speeding chapters
A hammer can hit you
When you take the time to see
Happiness can take control so easy
When your mind is unconcerned
Still plugged in but not on
Is anything really important
Except the things you can’t see or touch
Or love
Still with no real definition

(1st published by Abandoned Towers)

Lost On a Line

Oh, please take me
And lead me to that place
That her and I discovered
In the darkness
We found the border
The line between man and women
Is blurred
And gets lost in the moment
We swam on the edge
So far out
Discovering unforgettable

(1st published by Camel Saloon)

© Denny E. Marshall

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