April 4, 2017

Two Poems by Carter McClure: "Nowadays,,,." and "i hope you LIKE this"

Carter McClure is a senior Elementary Education Major at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He says he has lived in Muncie for 22 years, and people make fun of him when he  tells them he has no desire to leave. More of his poems can be found at: https://mehthodology.wordpress.com/.


her eyes are a colon
punctuation, not anatomically
her nose is a dash
punctuation, not an informal cooking measurement
And her mouth is an end parenthesis
i’ve never met her
but we text
and her smile is beautiful.
I knew I loved her,
In less than three days,
In <3, dazed.

i hope you LIKE this

It's a viral disease
That's gone viral you see
As we type and we tweet
While we hide behind screens.
And the screams of our thumbs
Transform to communal
Am I funny? Am I pretty?
Do I have your approval?

© Carter McClure

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