June 10, 2017

Highlight: Books by IVJ Authors

This month we are once again featuring a few books written by authors published in IVJ-- Millie and Ami, Confessions in Ink, Moments, and Creative Parallels. We've also opened an Amazon bookstore page where you can purchase these books, and many more, written by our authors. If you have published content in Indiana Voice Journal, and you have a new book out and would like it listed in our bookstore, please let me know and I will add your book to our Bookstore page.

Millie And Ami by Raymond Greiner
The story of Millie and Ami reveals how a young girl entrapped in dreadful hopelessness discovers fulfillment through unforeseeable circumstances. Millie was plagued with hampering physical birth defects, which caused social rejection during formative years. Her birth parents were dysfunctional alcoholics and added no positive dimensions to Millie’s life. Millie displayed uncanny instincts to transcend social barriers. Fateful events combined with Millie’s resilience opened unperceived opportunities. Millie’s adoptive parents foisted the power of profound love lifting Millie to a living standard, which she was unaware existed. Her love bond with her adoptive parents created an atmosphere leading to serendipitous events including the precious gift of her beloved Ami. Millie’s journey exposed a myriad of challenging circumstances testing her physically and psychologically.

Confessions In Ink by Bevan Boggenpoel

This poetry collection addresses racism, oppression, love, hate, culture, politics, spirituality, humanity, education and growth. It brings together common themes of community and family values. You'll read about living in and being influenced by a broken society, and emotionally raw and personal experiences that heart-wrenchingly capture the loss of a parent and the ugliness of domestic violence. There are poems about the political struggles seen across the globe. Slavery and human rights issues, political crime, how it feels to be exiled and left a stranger in one's own homeland. Woven between these struggles and plight are the precious things we often take for granted. The earth, the dirt, water - the power and beauty of nature. In times of dire need we as mere humans look up to the heavens, the stars, the unknown, and see a future worth fighting for. We anticipate a future where nations do not fight but instead are a united entity. These words are powerful, all-consuming, and weaved into poetic confessions, they hold no bounds. They ease the weight from your shoulders, breathe a sense of freedom into your bones, whilst shouts of liberation boom from your oppressed lungs. This ink is blessed with honesty and integrity, written verse that demands attention and respect, not just because of its lyrical and melodious disposition or rhyme, rhythm and repetition, but because of its message and literary vision. A vision loud enough and urgent enough to reach a global audience. A global audience with a standing ovation, shouting for an encore. - L. J. Diaz author of Catching Snowflakes

Moments: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry by Shashank Mane

Moments is a collection of short stories and poetry outlining characters facing the joys, perils and mysteries of everyday life. Stories range from romance to issues such as stigma and marginalization in today's societies. The stories are influenced by the writer’s experiences and observations living and traveling around the world through different continents. Each story is preceded by a piece of poetry. This is the first collection of short fictional stories and poetry by Shashank Mane.

 Shashank Mane is a writer previously published in Every Writer Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Vignette Review, Diverse Voices Quarterly, The Creative Truth and Gravel for flash and short fiction stories. He has been nominated by Sundress Publications for the “Best of the Net 2016- Fiction” award. His favorite writers include Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Franz Kafka, Jhumpa Lahiri and Fyodor Dostoevsky. He can be reached at shashankmane1@gmail.com

Creative Parallels-An Anthology of Multicultural Poetry and Fiction. This book includes in contemporary works of poets and writers around the world. Our contributors are: Deborah L. Kelly, Tze-Min Tsai, Jumagul Suvonova, Ashok Bhargava, Bänoo Zan, Ahmed Tahsin Shams, Nazmun Naher Shishir, Ikromkhon Valikhon, Alicja Maria Kuberska, Dilafruz Istamova, Janet Kvammen, Lawrence Schimel, Yulduz Urmanova, Anna Fletcher, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Candice James, Kodir Usmonov, Anca Mihaela Bruma, Lucia Gorea, Shohsanam Komilova, Daniel Pixiades, Michela Zanarella, Ruchi Chopra, Laziza Allayarova, Janine Pickett, Johannes Laryea, Caterina Davinio, Muruvvat Gofforjonova, Bonnie Quan Symons, Anvar Usmon, Malak Sahioni Soufi, Jeton Kelmendi, Shakhnoza Khalikova, Jaz Gill, Milutin Djurickovich, Palma Mingozzi, Zuhra Sharipova, Chitra Lele, Durdona Hoshimova, Agron Shele, Malsore Llapashtica, Makhfuza Imamova and Kate Rogers http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/deborah-l-kelly-anna-fletcher/creative-parallels/paperback/product-23164477.html

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