June 10, 2017

Two Poems by Grayson Spaw: "Anthony" and "W. Smith"

Grayson Spaw is a high school graduate and writer. She loves her four cats and reading books. She will be heading to Albion, Michigan in the fall.


In a way, you remind me of a flower.
You helped me blossom in our time together, but the clock is about to stop ticking.
In a way, you are like a California Redwood.
You stand tall over me and just about everyone, with a warm, glowing authority.
In a way, you are reminiscent of a fuzzy bumblebee.
You have pollinated the minds of many, giving knowledge with a dose of laughter.
In a way, you are a mockingbird.
Singing a tune loved by many, imprinted into the envelope of high school's last year.

W. Smith

Being reduced to an object of control, she stands in a slump.
Life is no longer a consequence of her own actions.
In her once humble dwelling, new authority shakes the shingles on the roof.
Smaller than a hobbit, in the wake of the first flutter of love's wing, the walls are knocked down.
In this new regime, she learns, criticism is forbidden.
Her love for the outside is political.
Soap in your mouth, cilantro in your salad.
Dodging the entry into the real world.
A long awaited fairytale ending is only seen through red, shattered sunglasses.
They're all chewing on that gun, congruent in the gut feeling.
Clearing out the house, she will leave soon, a cat and a place far away.

She turns and says, " I wish I didn't have to leave them all alone in this place."

© Grayson Spaw

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