June 10, 2017

Three poems by Jeff Bagato: "Caged Blue," "The Fox is Now Gone," and "Maximum Beat"

Jeff Bagato is a multi-media artist living near Washington, DC, He produces poetry and prose as well as electronic music, and glitch video. Some of his poetry has appeared in "Empty Mirror," "Futures Trading," "In Between Hangovers," "Otoliths," "Your One Phone Call," and "Zoomoozophone Review." His published books include Savage Magic (poetry), Cthulhu Limericks (poetry), The Toothpick Fairy (fiction), and Dishwasher on Mars (fiction). A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at http://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.

Caged Blue

          once you know
                    what blue is

          you can turn
                    it into the color
          of sky

                    the smell

          the feather of a
                    flashing blur passing
                         in a jungle
                    of unknown hue

          tasting a periwinkle
                    creates another

                in its own way
          where new gas clouds
                    emit rays

The Fox is Now Gone

Out front blowing bubbles at 2 am
soap bubbles in the holly
soap bubbles in spiderweb
soap bubbles drifting to the left
out of view in the dark
and a fox appears on the city street
under a light, long and blond,
and everyone asked later if it was red—
it had a long snout and a
bushy tail, low to the ground
like a cat but features like a dog—
the fox ran off in the street,
the bubbles lost in the night,
soap bubbles lost in the night

Maximum Beat

Maximum beat—
drunk on candy and wine—
the candy:
a punk girl said she saw a bar
in a cool death movie—
the girl:
slashed hair, cool death leather flick,
metal studs from sleeve to nose—
A cool cat
swinging out the window, eyes wide—
all the world's a song—
his itchy skin
keeps him jumpy—
drunk on candy and wine—
the wine:
a sweet, red, fruited thing
fit for olives, bread, chicken, cheese and kings—
the only one in the fridge—

Faster, Ornette, play faster—
the birds are flying
in the beautiful, cool Virginia air,
trees, still naked—
hot horns light up the sky at the end of the day
burning along telephone lines—
I want to tell the heart of the city
I love you

drunk on candy
and wine

© Jeff Bagato

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