June 10, 2017

Three poems by Kathy Retherford: "My Day," "Drama Check Out," and "Your Old Home"

Kathy Retherford is a semi-retired, wife, mother and grandmother. She loves gardening and writing poetry for her personal enjoyment. These are her first published poems.

Photo by Jennifer Criss

My Day

Thinking of what I did today,
I made some dust bunnies go away.
I took the world's longest bath,
Gave the dog her pill for her stupid rash.

I baked walnut brownies for my old man,
Tried to help gamers on facebook however I can.
Watched the dog kill her toy and rip open its neck,
Picked up the stuffing and gave her heck.

Talked to my cousin and a friend or two,
When you're unemployed, that's what you do.
I wrote a few pages-no need to check grammar,
Now I'm going to bed because I'm a spoiled mama!!

Drama Check Out

To some good friends with all your drama
I am your friend, but not your mama.
I am not made of brick and stone,
I'm soft as hell, with problems of my own.
Take care of yourself, as I've had to do...
And fix your problems, they're mostly from you.

Your Old Home

Everywhere around this place, there are pictures of your pretty face.
Build-A-Bears behind the door...I don't know what I keep them for.
Clothes I use to wash and dry, I'd call you but you hate when I cry.

That huge pink dresser I painted to hold your T.V., something you may never see.
I spent hours on that thing alone, the day I learned you weren't coming home.
At the window doing dishes, my mind is filled with silly wishes...
Wanting so badly to see your smile, even if for a little while.

Pappaw gets sadder by the day, but he's a man and he won't say.
I know him best and men are proud, it's hard for him to say aloud.
I've seen him cry, it's hard to see and he does it only in front of me.
The emptiness in our hearts we can't release, we're like a puzzle that's missing a piece.
And you know how crummy that can feel, but we're adults so we should deal.

We're very proud of all you do, cheerleading is a dream come true.
We both swear it in our very souls, to let you stay and enjoy your goals.
But please check your heart if you're in the mood, seeing you would do us good.
The people back home won't be here forever, but remember our love for you will stop NEVER.

Love, Mammaw

© Kathy Retherford

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