June 10, 2017

Three Poems by Lynda McKinney Lambert: "Parachutes and Pilots" "After an All-night Rain," and "Slowly, Suddenly, Remembering Persephone"

Lynda McKinney Lambert writes Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction Essays. Her book, “Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage,” was published by Kota Press and is available on Amazon. Her work has appeared in literary magazines, newspapers, academic books and journals since 1985. She is a retired professor of fine arts and humanities from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA. Currently, Lynda has 3 books in development for publication in 2017.

Parachutes and Pilots

All my flights are launched
before I determine the subtle
characteristics of the landscape. My
destination at take-off is unknown.
Even when I have a ticket - I’m
flying without wings
gliding on the unexpected draft. I’m a
homegrown disaster with poor flying skills.
I pilot short, solitary flights of fancy -
journeys in my own living room where I
keep my long-forgotten
launches far away from the
mountain station.
Nevertheless, an
Österreich pilot laughed as he guided his
parachute above the Alpine mountain.
Quick and stealthy, his fully inflated
rainbow parachute was
stabilized by a hundred long lines.
“Try not to land on me,” I screamed at the
unfortunate pilot. On a hot summer days I’m a
visionary pilot - a free-falling dreamer -
we posed for a photo just before my crash,
X-rays, and painful recovery.
“You know, I’ve never found a safe landing
zone! I’m a gentle breeze that will never return.”

After an All-night Rain
(Remembering Dante)

Do not forget to mark my passage
Watch as I move through tall grass and honeysuckle vines
Breathe, breathe as you pass through the woods.

Feel the air that thickens with heavy rain
Squat low and search for broad plants under sheltering trees
Do not forget to mark my passage.

Reach out, mingle the poison ivy vines
with the strong-scented honeysuckle tangle
Breathe, breathe as you pass through the woods.

Trace the withering crimson tips of white flowers
on the hardened muddy knoll
Do not forget to mark my passage.

Move your feet quietly this morning
past the sleeping dogs on the hillside
Breathe, breathe as you pass through the woods.

Listen as a small dog barks twice
in the darkened room where my mother turns in her sleep
Do not forget to mark my passage.
Breathe, breathe as you pass through the woods.

(Previously published in "Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage, Kota Press, 2002, "Taproot Literary Review #1`3," and "The Kudzu Monthly.")

Slowly, Suddenly, Remembering Persephone

Summer afternoon
ripe for contemplation
the sun moves slowly
to center sky

I remember
the springtime
picking flowers
things happen suddenly.

I drift in random circles
on the surface of quiet waters
beneath clustered branches.
The day can change suddenly
no movement in the tangled leaves
even birds seek shade today.

We danced through the wild flowers
we are invisible
and grow old.

I shift forward
undulating slowly
to an old rhythm
summer’s sleep returns.

Random things bring quick changes
this evening is like
the moment before my birth

A full moon will rise this evening

(Previously published, in "Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage," Kota Press, and "Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems," dldbooks.)

© Lynda McKinney Lambert

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