June 5, 2015

A Poem By Jonathan Dick: Renting The Moon

Jonathan Dick is a 21 year old human being from Toronto, Canada. He is graduating this year from Huron University College with a major in English Language and Literature. In the summer, Jonathan will be traveling with his beautiful girlfriend across Europe, as they dream the dreams they had forgotten. Twitter: @jjdickyboy

Renting the Moon

At night when I long for you,
I gaze up towards the moon,
Comforted by the notion,
That maybe you are gazing too.

If I could rent the moon,
Even just for one night,
Renting The MoonId write our names in big bold lines,
So the world could see our light.

Id bring it really really close,
And push it back just as far,
Playing with my love,
Amidst the scattered stars.

But, the night will leave us,
And the sun will occupy space,
My rented moon will bounce away,
Leaving our gazes in disgrace.

Yet, as the rosy dawn,
Waives me from my lease,
The rolling tides epiphany,
Silhouettes my broken face.

You are my moon,
And our love is forever free,
You are the source of all that is bright,
And I will only ever gaze at thee. 

~Jonathan Dick 

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