June 5, 2015

Indiana Voice Journal June 2015 Issue #11


Happy Father's Day this month to all you incredible guys out there. Whether you've helped birth a child, a story, an idea, or a poem...you are a Papa. In this issue we're thrilled to be dancing in the streets of Milan with James Lawless aka"Teach" and the B-Boy's Natural Force and Open Road Crews. If that doesn't get your adrenaline flowing, fly on over to BB Riefner's multi-generational poem Circus Song and catch a view from the high-wire, or slow dance with Sheehan as he honors the muse in A Salutation to Saugus, Embassy of the Second Muse. In a more thoughtful, or reflective mood? Visit a Japanese restaurant with poet John Grey as he shows us This Is How Exactly, or ponder The Holiness of Minute Particulars with author James Owens. Want to explore some weightier matters?  DB Cox wonders about Treyvon Who?, and Raymond Greiner reminds us why Falling Back To Butterflies is necessary. Need a little romance? Check out Decker by A.D. Ellis, Leaf In The Wind by Charles E.J. Moulton, and the romantically humorous Freddie by Steve Slavin in The Wedding Date. Okay, I could go on and on about all the great stuff in this issue, but I'll stop here. Enjoy the read!
 ~Janine Pickett

Two Poems By DB Cox:  Before Nightfall

A Poem By Jonathan Dick: Renting The Moon

Three Poems By Dorian Dyler: And I Became

Three Poems By Dallas Gorbett:  In Another World

Three Poems By John Grey:  Sunset, Santa Cruz County

Three Poems By Lewis R. Humphries: Kindling

Three Poems By Steven Jacobson: Kitty-Kat

Two Poems By Richard Kostelanetz: Mirror Stories

Three Poems By Milton Montague: Gift

Three Poems By JoyAnne O'Donnell: Springs Window

Three Poems By James Owens: Broken

Three Poems By BB Riefner: Circus Song

Four Poems By G. David Schwartz:  I Knew A Girl Named Martha

Three Poems By Tom Sheehan: For One Woman Raised on High (haibun) (or Love behind the Door)

A Poem By Jorge Vazquez Jr:  We Are Defined By Our Shadows

Three Poems By Dr. Mel Waldman: My Father, Tell Me about the Afterlife


Essay By Raymond Greiner: Falling Back To Butterflies

Essay By James Lawless: B-Boys In Milan, Italy

Essay By Tom Sheehan:  A Salutation to Saugus, Embassy of the 2nd Muse

Essay By Kathryn Streeter: What Shakespeare Taught Me About Family


A Novel Excerpt by A.D. Ellis: Decker

Fiction By Liz Flaherty: Roll Back The Clouds

Fiction By Jason Constantine Ford: A Choice Between Two Rivals

Fiction By Sharon R. Hill:  Life in Silhouette
Flash Fiction By Belinda Hubert: Paul

Fiction By Jim Kjeldsen: The Giant Gila Monster

Fiction By Alex Mantel: An Apologia For Boarding School

Fiction By Charles E.J. Moulton: Leaf In The Wind

Fiction By Sunil Kumar Poudyal: Hardship

Fiction By BB Riefner:  A Brush With Reality  In The Key Of B-Flat Minor

Fiction By Barbara Kinsey Sable: He Made Me Laugh

Fiction By Steve Slavin: The Wedding Date

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