June 5, 2015

Three Poems By Dorian Dyler: And I Became

Three By Italian Poet, Dorian Dyler
And I Became, I'll Have Breakfast, and Shooting Stars

Poetry IVJ

And I Became

I went accompanied by the fraternal sorrows of adolescence
ah already then…the grown-ups’ terrible inertias foresaw the Apocalypse!!.
I fell ill dreaming revolutions whose gazes ate up the mirrors of beauty
I ended up so far ahead as to adjoin the deriding mask of the most distant future there is.
But so inoffensive is this indolent enchantment!!
the unforgettable darts of stunned roses appear!!.
I drowned in a sea where underwater there was no air …but the Sun was beating down!!
I recognised the elegance of the half-lights educated at the castle
but tempests of presentiments fled the soundproofed chest of my solitude
and so I saw presences as my eyes strained..
so I saw blood ….in the glasses of water!!
I smelt the dead, under the jagged rain of stars.
Unconscious tunes bawling at the nuptials of the last moment of loss
Inexpressible abandonments attacked suicide’s attic!!
fleeting shortcomings shaded the darkness!!
fragile preludes identified mortality’s last vain attempt.
On the other side of the film I saw tears cry..even before they fell…
planets disappeared from the windows of the universe…
I’d like to have loved to the point of not knowing what hate is made of…but I didn’t make it.
Lined up one by one rages took over my human mire!!
erudite humiliations dragged off the stars just fallen
confused dreams conquered the attire ..of all the confessions.
I remembered every star exploding in flight as I lived each disappearance creeping on the earth  
I dethroned the adorations of success…but I smelt their burial!!
my eyes wide open I fed my sight with the fractured suns of the soul
dispersed among the nervous symptoms of who knows what ideals I died telling of rebirth’s fury,
I huddled up begging for the prophetic effort
I applied the transcendent shine of poetry to myself
and I became…. this crew of lineaments!!
this sort of transfigured oversight seeking the impossible sunset where even my dream…
can suffer from vertigo.
Ungraspable wanderings sacking the idle tablefuls of false fates
envious whims mutilating..every possible elsewhere!!
Holy salvations wrapped in packages of Sundays at the opposite poles…from creation!!
remunerated only by marvelous ecstasies..with a frowning gaze…
eyes full of destinations…and destinations overflowing with hope..
I strain to grasp the shiver of happiness..but in capital letters I can only read…the name of sadness!!
there’s no more frivolity in my life..there is no more..
there’s not even any..when I try to say farewell… when I try to say farewell.
Turning to the astronomical gaps where every fairytale comes true….where every fairytale..is read and read again…
But the other planets would never step foot in this world
only God would have the courage to send back to this world.. his son.

I’ll Have Breakfast

It’s time to go….. it’s time to go home
it’s time to go back to the sky.
Up there my room is a flower that flies between the fingertips of a woman wearing the sun
my bed is a petal of moon that holds up the prayers of candid and joined hands  
my tomorrow is a seed that protects the birth of a twelve-starred crown of twelve stars.
Now fear can no longer urge on its subjects
now desperation no longer has any wicked devilries to draw from
because I’m ready … because I’m ready.
This year has found a way out hanging by the calendar’s last trace of a voice
no cry has been rejected by the echo’s examination board
no love has been kept outside the bay where the boats before dipping in their feet......ask the sea for permission… ask the sea for permission.
I could also have lived in a cloister forgotten by religion
I would also have resisted on a submissive strip of land set aside for the Sun’s experiments.
The grunts that lost..their seat in the air…thud down on my cheeks
omens reduced to imagining themselves as being better..on the razor’s edge
but none of these dreams .. manage to be through with tomorrow, none.
Cursed handkerchiefs…that don’t dry the tears!!
Cursed towels…that don’t wash away the blood!!
on the back of this fluffy star I look into the eyes.. of passing time
and I can’t see even one day..capable of stopping.
Now I’m hanging on the hairs of the night waiting for a breath of wind to arrive
knowing.... that I can’t arrive at tomorrow morning
now I know….my next breakfast
will be with Jesus.

 Shooting Stars

Fearless raptures shoot through the afternoons of Spring
shameless curses attack the noons of my bowed head …
Jupiter’s chaplains in festive dress make their way into the corridors of the Milky Way,
no longer does blood rush through my veins … but forlorn ink!!
bruises appear on the shoulders of desperate clouds
the time that remains is a worn-out strip of light…. still looking to tomorrow.
But I close my eyes when … destiny becomes clear
fragments of slight mishaps adore the lament’s impoverished heart
the coffin of suffering is a basket of peace..in my warring hands!!
and I sing my death..now that life speaks no more…
now that I deliver the day…to the bedside of a sky…where no credit is given for hope…
but only dreams.
The secret of life is an abyss of eclipses that slips…onto the sky’s eyes
my shooting stars are the rainbows that breathe goodness and surpass evil
my shooting stars are the days that remain…..to learn to love… to learn to love.
The dark presages would never have had the courage..to describe this day to me!!
the day I trip over the corpses of my broken dreams!
over the bleeding bowels of my vain hopes!!
over the fleshy dust of my fragile illusions!!
and you God looking at me….tell me…where you want me to get to….. where you want me to go to still…
I don’t have any trophies to show you…no children to sacrifice to you…I have nothing for you….
if you still want me take what you yourself gave me…and nothing more..
because I’ve added nothing…because I’ve done nothing…
in this time of life I’ve only gone round ..in evil little circles of wrong moves
infernal valleys that derided the communions of saints..
so today I don’t fear the messengers from beyond the grave…..I’d long been waiting for them
sitting here on the edge of my next birthday..
I have no regrets in these unconscious pockets…nor regrets among my broken nails…
the mystery is a gaze lying on my face …but when the celestial eyes find it …all I can do is get up …and fly up to the sky..
because the only skeleton in the sky’s closet..is the earth!!.
The secret of life is an abyss of eclipses that slips…onto the sky’s eyes
my shooting stars are the rainbows that breathe goodness and surpass evil
my shooting stars are the days that remain…..to learn to love… to learn to love.
And death is in the air…
it’s in the smoking chalices of the fortresses where the wind hides…..all its designs…
it’s in the trains leaving for destinies that won’t open the door
it’s in broken leaves pressing on even though the night no longer leads the way,
and death is with me
it’s in the vain tomorrows that I’ve piled up on the shoots of slit-throat sacrifices
it’s in the furious sufferings that wash the steps of Hell using me as a cloth.
But that’s OK… that’s OK..
the sense of life is hanging from the branches of lips that say naught
on the roofs of eyes that look at nothing…
on the hand of a heart…that beats no more…
but the green lawns I apologised to after treading on them... they’ve never understood me …!! they’ve never understood me!!  
the summer evenings I asked for forgiveness …because I enflamed the rays of its sun …with the rays of mine …they’ve never understood me...
gazes falling on the blond hair of the fifteen-year-old cloud…
oh my shooting star you go away with the verses crammed into a world of unrealised desires …in a world of unrealised desires …
dejected love letters that desire the excruciating Sundays of poetry once more…
years later the quintessence of pain unhinges….even the grating of the sky!!.
I conceived my life in the soul’s flesh and blood  
I went through the ecstasy of the scary cradle where eyes rested..wet with blood…
storm of melancholies unsheathed on the paths of all the sunflowers..
and I scattered the charity of my shattered flashes of light among the snowflakes hanging from the sky..
the sensational rages of the paradise lost of a boy who always said... sweet dreams .
And perhaps that’s why my smiles …are tears that hide …the mystery of the years
and yet summer is still just …a riper spring ..
and I’m a little love bent over the wake of boats cursed by the sea….
and here’s another day fleeing the sheets of an insolent night
my eyes peep at the wishing well…and all my dreams fall headlong!!all my dreams!!
but now… there’s no more innocence to kill!!
there’s not even a bruise of adolescence ..to leaf through!!
there’s nothing left …. there’s nothing more!!
And all I have is the etching of my name breathed onto the jetty where the …mountains are covered in snow…
and the wandering distance that never gave into the mermaids’ song is silent
and I see this life pass by as it looks at death with all my eyes …
I who in a day burnt the drops of water that were to last forever
I who climbed over rays of sun that were to light my time only …but now…
they’re lighting eternity!!.
The secret of life is an abyss of eclipses that slips…onto the sky’s eyes
my shooting stars are the rainbows that breathe goodness and surpass evil
my shooting stars are the days that remain…..to learn to love… to learn to love.
But now I know I’ve lived on shores that …still today…the sea’s waves fear crashing onto
because the edges of my quivering stretcher only shine when the sun drinks…..a sip of holy water!!
my time is silence drooling at the feet of the day that will be ….clothed in happiness
and I naked torment rave in the burning hiccups of my tears
in the killer standards of bitter regrets.
The darkness is already curled up in the mortuary chapel of destiny
and the holy spirit collects the lightning falling in the Garden of Eden,
beyond the grave is a quarry of clouds that can’t find the azure wind
and no more efforts will I devote to the pitiless disasters of understanding;
I’ve chosen to sweep away my desires with the magical misadventures of Hades
I’ve chosen to go beyond the world I live in…..to go to the one I’ll die in!!.
I want no more keys in my hand …I want to open nothing more
I want no more money in my pockets …I want to buy nothing else
I want to think no more of what is worthwhile for me …..I want not to be like you.
It’s not impossible to die on the soul’s shoulders seeing as you can live with a hand on your heart,
and now….everything I’ve sought in life…smells of nothing
but everything that has come on its own …has a marvellous perfume.
Sitting in the air I understand that the present can’t lift a finger..it’s the future that comes.. it’s the future that comes
and the days that remain are blank only for history …but for destiny they’re already written,
and in this wailing wall..even the smiles have tears
a man only starts to be himself when he begins….to kill himself!
and my life is a serene season of vigils!!
vigils of death!!vigils of hell!!
but where is Paradise!! where is Paradise!!
if only I could regain my initiated childhood!!my immature origin!!..my pitiful…first open eyes!!...my poor….virgin hope!!
here the route of my journey lies the hidden ace of my love!!
The secret of life is an abyss of eclipses that slips…onto the sky’s eyes
my shooting stars are the rainbows that breathe goodness and surpass evil
my shooting stars are the days that remain…..to learn to love… to learn to love.
Take me away my God..
take me to the miraculously cured side of the eternal cross..where the sun’s rays bloom like roses in a garden
take me onto your hair so that I can at least…...smell your perfume
take me away from this earthly fog that oozes sins…...into the hinterland of rosaries.
My God you take the first step
click your fingers and I’ll climb the horizon in my first communion smock
I’ll knock at your door with my eyes still glistening…and love’s peel in my pockets.
you decide what to do …with my poor poems…
I’ve scattered so many around my parents’ home…
they’re terrible verses unsheathed onto the shoots of the four seasons
passions blessed in the bright morning dew….and cursed…..in the twilights’ fertile tempests;
tear my time from me and try me out in some tavern in another world
I want no immortal empires or crowns of gold
just an eternal silence of insane love….and my eyes
wide open looking at yours.
The secret of life is an abyss of eclipses that slips…onto the sky’s eyes
my shooting stars are the rainbows that breathe goodness and surpass evil
my shooting stars are the days that remain…..to learn to love… to learn to love.

~Dorian Dyler

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