June 5, 2015

Three Poems By Steven Jacobson: Kitty-Kat

Steven Jacobson was born and raised in the Midwest. He has attended multiple classes from the Loft Literary Center, promoting all levels of creative writing. His goal is to write a second book, the first book called “Spiritual Gait” was published in 2014.


eyes deep and dark, but gentle and kind like the
soft eyes and fur of a kitty kat.

hair jet black like the mane of a beautiful
black stallion.

smiling voraciously and victoriously like a fairy
princess awaiting her prize.

mouth vivacious and vocal, like a virgin stream
flowing into a vast body of wealth.

mind filled with happy and loving thoughts like a
child going to the circus for the first time.

face shining and supple like the sun warming and
lighting people up.

heart pure and radiant like a heated spring coming
from an underground fresh water supply.

Black N’ Beautiful

jet black raven sitting boldly and
brazenly on a rickety old rotting fence post,
cries out to his mate nearby.  the eerie voice,
Bird Poetryraspy and dark, is responded to in a romantic
rhapsody rendition of melodic notes.  the music is like
a revolving, repeating and scratching record.
birds are continually calling in a deeper richer
and darker sound.  black and darkened eyes
pierce the soul of the onlooker, as he casts his sight
away from the spectacle. but, beauty is present
even in the raven’s ravenous rudely stated.

Life’s Rollercoaster

the child cries
in attempt to steal loves embrace.
the bird sings a song
to foster a meal and warm feathers delight.
the joy rings all around
as both mother’s woo child and bird alike.
in the shadows of life
heartaches befall both child and bird.

~Steven Jacobson

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