March 4, 2016

A Poem By Andrew Hubbard: "Music From Stones"

Andrew Hubbard recently moved back to Indiana after ten years in Houston, Texas.  He has had five books published, including, most recently, his first book of poetry, "Things That Get You," which was produced by Interactive Press. He was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2015.







Music From Stones

Stones can sing
And at certain times
Under certain circumstances
To certain people
They do.

If you love,
Or more, if you entertain
Memories of love,

Love that emphatically was
Or even love that could have been
But was checkmated
By rude fate

Then listen correctly
And these stones

[These:  they ring a pool
Where the almost full moon floats
And a little girl
Practices magic words
With a patient father
Always humble
Always feeling
His children give him
More than he could possibly return]

These, I said,
Will sing to you
Of things stones know

Of durability against time,
Obdurate selfness,
Sensitivity to cold, to heat,
To things stones care about:

Arrangement, respect
Being of quiet service:
Singing a song so few can hear

And even those who hear
Unknowing of their hearing
Only saying to the little girl
“Let’s sit here.  Here on the rocks,
I think I hear the moon.”


~Andrew Hubbard 

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