March 4, 2016

Visual Art: Photography By Chris McCown

Chris McCown first started doing photography during his tour with the US Navy on 35mm film in the mid 90's.  He wanted to accurately capture some of the amazing places he was visiting, and taught himself photography.  Since then, he has shot tens of thousands of photos, and taught himself what works and what looks good after opening the shutter.  In more recent years, he has been on call for concerts, portraits, and weddings in his local area of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Regardless, he has a love affair with the lens, and can often times be seen out and about taking photos of whatever happens to catch his eye, just for the enjoyment of it.

Photography By Chris McCown

Pure Michigan

Cargo Symmetry

Red Passion

Inspiration at Rest

The Sound Heard Around The World

The Headstock That Launched a Thousand Dreams

God's Light Show

Urban Summer Dream

Sunset on Lake Michigan
~Chris McCown

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