March 4, 2016

Three Poems By Paul Goldman: "Ancestral Chord", "Breath of Thunder", "Conjoined Rhythm"

Poet Paul Goldman has just released his third collection of ecstatic poetry, which many have favorably compared to the thirteenth century mystic poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammed Rumi. This latest work, Upon Your Canvas published now by River Sanctuary Publishing, is the follow up to Journey Into Oneness and Wild Joy:Ruminations.

In this stunning new collection of ecstatic poetry, Paul Goldman, through a collaboration with Intuitive Artist Natosha Keefer (, creates a sacred space where you may again feel free to fall into the ocean of your own longing for solace, for peace, for hope and an enriched connection to your own personal Divinity.
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Ancestral Chord

As another winter enfolds around me,
I hear the strident song of my ancestors.

They must all be drawn to celebrate
these days of waning light, to drop in

like this. Really, it is quite a surprise
to hear their melodies as I have been

so engaged in encouraging them
to just look up, way up, so that

each one may at least be freed
from monitoring what their progeny

is up to.   At least winter’s call
to hibernate gives me more time

to commiserate with the ones
whose music is salvation. 

Yet, I try to assure them that
the familial madness has not

set in and once more I grant them
permission to ascend, to be at peace

and to know with certain finality,
that I will carry on the good name-

safely, for as long as my feet tread
this well-worn path of mine.

©Paul Goldman November 11, 2015

Breath of Thunder

I pause far below the mountain peak,
as peals of thunder reverberate
within each measured breath.

Waves of sound rise and fall,
a cleansing serenade to calm
this internal raging storm.

Stagnant clouds clear as yet more
thunder courses through my circulatory system,
freeing up entirely new pathways to expel

all that no longer serves the body’s
mission to live a life enriched
by fresh oxygen.  When and if,

I leave this place, I will have
the breath of thunder within,
as a constant dead reckoning-

to pause once again and locate
a center grounded in the paradox
of sound and silence.
©Paul Goldman September 2, 2015

Conjoined Rhythm

In meeting you again, I feel
the beating of like-minded hearts,
as if I have truly known you

for more than this time. Where
does this familiarity lie?  If we
hold firm to the belief that both

our bodies and our minds, are simple
bits of random quantum matter,
than there exists no explanation.

If instead, in the sweetness of sensing
something greater than this blood pumping
and precious oxygen coursing through our

physicality, we find immense evidence
that we have journeyed here across
the span of time together before,

than let these showers of  recognition
rain down, as we both begin to dance
between the beats- as an ancient drum resounds.
©Paul Goldman May 30, 2015

~Paul Goldman

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