March 4, 2016

A Poem By Anthony Sarch: "Piano Lover"

Poet/Author,\born 1969 in Chicago,living now in Naperville ILL,Cancer survivor I have two sons that live with their mothers,been writing since I was 15 and stop for a while,then took it back up again 10 years ago,I have published so far 11 books,8 are poetry and 3 short stories,I'm a member of a site called allpoetry since 2012 under the username Anthony Sarch as well a second account on allpoetry under Tony Sarch I run several groups on that site I also run 6 poetry groups on facebook
also have my own webpage to promote my books and work at

Piano Lover

Piano Lover

Sitting down on the bench,
I pull myself close to you
Placing my fingers gently
Upon your keys
As I roam high and low,
Releasing your beauty
That floats in the room
From your sounds illuminating
Around my body
Bringing me peace within
I play sweet melody for you
As you sit upon my lap
Feeling my notes,
Caressing every inch
Of your luscious body
in perfect harmony,
you tightly embrace me
While I play soft passionate music
You desire as our intimacy grows
While you make love to me
While I play sweet music for you.

~Anthony Sarch


  1. A very calming, peaceful poem....thank you Anthony!

  2. Thank you for sharing this sweet poem with us here at IVJ, Anthony! Janine

  3. Excellent Dear Tony... absolutely wonderful the poem is so wonderful and sweet..

  4. Wonderful great going, I love your work and look forward for more work from your side. I am a regular visitor of this site and by now have suggested many people.


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