March 4, 2016

Three Poems By Des Mannay: "The New Rock'n'Roll", "Vignettes and Alcohol", "Advertisement Feature"

Des Mannay is the recent winner of the 'rethinkyourmind' poetry competition (2015). Placed 2nd in the Disability Arts Cymru poetry Competition 2015. 'Gold Award' winner in the Creative Futures Literary Awards (2015). Shortlisted for the erbacce-prize for poetry 2015. Shortlisted in the Welsh Poetry Competition 2015. "Focused on hard-hitting social issues. Des Mannay’s ‘And the Dead Shall Rise’ expressed his disgust at a fracking company in Wrexham purchasing the site of a mine disaster still classed as an official gravesite , whilst ‘Would that I have died that night’ was inspired by a letter he had read on the issue of assisted suicide.  These were poems which made a statement, and his last words – “Beware as prejudice becomes dressed as rights”' (Sabotage Reviews).
Des has had poems published in the 'I Am Not A Silent Poet' online poetry magazine , 'The Angry Manifesto' poetry magazine 'Proletarian Poetry 'Yellow Chair Review' and the Second 'Rhyme and Real Ale' anthology; "Voices From the Present". There is a recent interview with Des online here - He is on facebook as "The stuff wot I wrote' Des Mannay - hooligan Poet"  and Twitter as @hooliganpoet

The New Rock'n'Roll

Where do all the dissident voices go -
Once music is dominated by
The winners of TV shows
And voting just means pressing the 'red button'?
When politics becomes a career opportunity
Populated by Oxbridge accents?
And journalism becomes churnalism
Or history becomes just one damned thing after another?
When 'reality TV' over runs 'human interest'
And gameshows overshadow drama?

So where do you go to my lovely
When there's nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide?
And you want to burn down the disco -
Coz the music that they play, says nothing to you about your life?
And there's no longer something in the air -
Because revolution is now just a vodka bar
And teen spirit smells like Calvin Klein
Because Winston Smith's jingles have buried the bells of St Clements
And when the music's over there's no one left to turn out the lights

Then the only solution is to sabotage the soundbites
To go from house to house, street to street and city to city
Telling tales through long hours of darkness
Until we break on through to the other side
So come on Id and Ego lets a-move it and a-groove it
So shake it baby, shake it baby - please don't lose it
If music no longer moves your mortal soul -
Then poetry is the new Rock'n'Roll!

Vignettes and Alcohol

There are only 2 things you need-
Words and alcohol
Alcohol and words
Wordsahol and alc
Words, a hall and talc
Hark the hollow words
Holidaze and alcowords
Alcowords or all cowards?
Are we all cowards?
Are they all cowards?
Are there no more heroes?
Are they just weirdos?
Are you all cowards?
How many Bovines in a cow herd?
Do you like Noel Coward?
Is he really Noel Gallagher?
When was the first Noel?
Is there really no hell?
That's that then - oh well
Or am I just a know all?
Just another brick in the wall
Do I come before a fall?
Or did I just exist before?
Why does 2+2 make 4?
And - "is it my imagination or have I finally found something worth living for?
I was looking for some a-c-t-i-i-i-o-n but all I got was......"
Vignettes and Alcohol

~First appeared in Yellow Chair Review

Advertisement Feature

Here today, gone yesterday
Life is one big shop window display

Everything comes back around again
But it was much better in I don't remember when

Second hand stories / second hand styles
Except back then they could see for miles

When the world still owed you a living
But now you just get what you're given

Cover your hurt with a show of pride
Discover a dancefloor's a good place to hide

Once you think you've made your escape
The music ends - and your mouth's agape

A fantasy sustained on credit
If you think they'll forgive - you'd better forget it

As you struggle to make the best of life
The faceless bastards twist the knife

Crocodile tears and a practised frown
Build up your hopes and then knock them down

Recession is back in fashion
It kills your life - it kills your passion

If you can't afford to buy the hype
You'll soon discover you're not their type

The fashion world continues to turn
Making a killing from those who won't learn

What's silly today is stylish tomorrow
The fish on a hook is keen to swallow

Life's like an advert without an end,
"You too can have these products" - on which you depend

"So don't leave home without one - I bought the company."
So what if no one loves me - my life contains every accessory

The consumer continues to buy
Whilst companies peddle the big lie

So live now pay later -
Your flexible friend is a hungry alligator

As your wallet runs for its life
The faceless bastards turn the knife

Here today, gone yesterday
Life is one big shop window display.

~Des Mannay

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