March 4, 2016

Two Songs By Chris Kempling: "I Am Your Father", "Broken But Still Beautiful"

Chris Kempling started writing professionally as a book reviewer in 1982 for Canadian Materials, the journal of the Canadian Library Association.  Subsequently, he had a longstanding satire column entitled Paper Jester in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer under the pen name of Johnny Quesnel (also syndicated to four other newspapers).  Two stories were published with the Interior Authors Group (Kamloops, BC) Collected Works, Vol. 1 in 2010, while a poem and story were anthologized in the British Columbia authors book Voices from the Valleys (Jodie Renner, ed.) 2015.  Primarily a religion columnist with the Kamloops This Week newspaper, he dabbles in stories, poetry, essays and song writing.

I Am Your Father

Tune:  The Friendship Theme by George Delarue

I am your friend when all others have left you
I’ll comfort you when your heart fills with sorrow
I’ll lift you up when your burdens oppress you
I am your Saviour, I am your Saviour.

Heaven is calling, come home to the Father
I have a place that is waiting for you there
No power on earth will be able to part us
You are my children, you are my children.


Satan has asked me to test you
He thinks he’ll turn you away from me
I know my own, they’ll be faithful
They know the sound of my voice
I’ll save you from your temptations
My hand will guide you to life
Through my Son you will all have life.

I am your friend when all others have left you
I’ll comfort you when your heart fills with sorrow
I’ll lift you up when your burdens oppress you
I am your Father, you are my children
I am your Father, you are my own.

Broken But Still Beautiful

Lyrics by Chris Kempling

They nailed him to a killing tree
His life drained out in misery
He cried out, “God, don’t leave me here!
I can’t take more, my death is near!”

He was broken by sin
He was broken by pain
He surrendered his life
He gave all that was left
He was broken and scarred
He was broken and marred
He was broken, but he was still beautiful

They found an empty tomb that day
Their minds confused, their hearts dismayed
But there he stood, with nail-scarred hands
Alive! Alive! A risen Man!


A troubled soul, immersed in strife
He’d done it all, destroyed his life
Before he chose to end it all
He cried to God, “Please hear my call!”


I love you son, you’re dear to me
I want you for all eternity
I’ll heal your scars, and make you whole
I’ll hold you close, embrace your soul

Chorus 2
You were broken by sin
You were broken by pain
You surrendered your life
You gave all that was left
You were broken and scarred
You were broken and marred
You were broken, but you were still beautiful

Chorus 3
You are broken by sin
You are broken by pain
Please surrender your life
Give Him all you have left
You are broken and scarred
You are broken and marred
You are broken
But you are still beautiful!

~Chris Kempling 


  1. Thank you for the beauty,and for sharing your words with us Chris! Janine

  2. The lyrics are so meaningful. It is so nice.


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