August 1, 2016

A Poem by Claire Butler: "Separation"

Claire Butler resides in Cincinnati.  She has been writing for almost 50 years, since the age of twelve, when she discovered journaling. She attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, for two years, and then transferred to the University of Cincinnati. She writes for, a blog site covering a whole range of subjects. Her blog is "Conversations with the Tuesday Night Girls," conceived from her weekly visits with 10 of her best girlfriends. She is also a French cook and an artist painting oil on linen. This is her first published poem.



I contemplate the moon
I think about the one I left behind,
Her beaming face full of hope.
She searches the night sky and thinks of me 
In another hemisphere. Luminous peace fills her
Because she knows I am looking there
Too - because that is what we had promised.

I contemplate the constellations

I observe the archer, Sagitta, whose goose feathered shafts
Take flight with Cupid's perfect aim
Toward a target willing to be claimed
In an eastern hemisphere separated by meridian lines.
Love knows no boundaries for like the air
We breathe - it is everywhere.

I contemplate the ocean

I watch the flow of the tides and understand their need
To be controlled by the moon, for by and by
They exist only for each other, one in the sky
One on land, separated by a million miles of cosmic dust
Yet in rhythm one with the other, for it was
God's first expression of tangible lust.

I contemplate myself

I feel the moon, the archer and the tide as they pierce
Their mark, which is my eye, my heart and my soul.
Their lusty needs I satisfy with my senses.
Oblivious to boundaries of separation
They search for me, the longed for target.
I am not hiding - for I am the infant.

I contemplate the moon, the stars, the ocean and me.
We are one - as forever we shall be.

~Claire Butler

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