August 1, 2016

Three Poems by Nicole Surginer: "Invisible," "Bleeding Heart" and "Drifting"

Nicole Surginer resides in the small, country town of Lockhart, Texas. She currently has pending publications with anti-heroine Chic as well as one recent publication with Tuck Magazine. She constantly finds inspiration to write through the enchantment of nature, the passion to create beauty with words and the desire to express powerful, raw emotion.


I speak yet there is no sound
Words tumble blindly, empty
Dissipate in the wind
Sun shines brightly
Clear as these cloudless skies
I am lost in the shadows
I am invisible
I left my mind here
The sparrow scatters the crumbs
Feasting fledglings
I am empty

Bleeding Heart

The peacekeepers have all gone now
Abandoning their posts, they scatter frenzied
as terror flashes her menacing sword
I feel the shift of air, a whirlwind of warmth
Walls of iron lay obsolete
Through countless lunar cycles
They held firm, imperiously impervious
Alone had I built them, toiling tenaciously
Throughout sister seasons,
Through the change in guard
From the sun to the moon
The war raged rampant
As the embers of hell fire
She reigned with unwary ardor
A blundering tyrant ,frivolous with her secrets
A reckless menace ; I locked her away
Constricted within these walls,
Yet she would not be silenced
The incessant beating drove me to madness
Her radiance shone through the wormholes
Tenaciously irrepressible
Steel charmed to velvet with her touch
Releasing the chains from my heart
Again she polluted my very mind with her charm
Spinning like a swarm of manic bees
Captivating the hive, crowning the queen
I am enchanted yet cynical, for I am quite convinced
A gift can be a blessing as well as a curse


You drift through my mind
hazing my sanity
Since the moment our worlds collided
Shifting my orbit
Magnetized with infinite force
Gravity itself has no bearing
I was aware the sky was falling
Long since blindly adrift
Empty shells of eyes
Oceans of tears drowned out their light
Wading through muddied pools of treachery
The twisted smile you hide our lies behind
I roam this path with sullen compulsion
For I am unequivocally drawn
Even as I am imperviously repelled

Nicole Surginer

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