August 1, 2016

A Poem by Phillip Brown: "Psychotic Praxis"

"Psychotic Praxis" by Phillip Brown


Psychotic Praxis

… isn’t it true of you though… that darkness in the light of what tells you… you can see the way ahead of you clearly… invisible, as it is, when you go to point it out that you’re somewhat amazed that you can describe it… like a place where everything comes easy for you… you naturally belong to positive thinking principles that direct you optimistically concerning your future… your culturally programed catechistic phallus-tickling ears for decent mature political pornography to discern the bad guys with guns from the good guys in guns… your homogenized holiness you burp out for mommy-patrician instigators inciting masses monetary’ tyranny’s version of compassion corporate nonperson limited liability: until you see the whites of their caliphate second amendment abuse tolerances don’t shoot it’s too late… digital mechanized empathetic normative hadiths automatons programmed by loss of perspective biblical scriptures TTUI pronounced tee-tuu-wee! (toleration of terrorist’s until immigrated) turn the other cheek values at iwo jima trail of tears… getting what you want rhetoric couched in terms like god wills it material-dream-orientated spirituality or took a lot of hard-work-believing more than my competitors to get here enterprise’ confused theocracy’s world-wide dung-nation green instead of red white and blue… I made it because god favored my ignorance for obeying him; for being a non-discriminant of person’s wearing black ski mask from naturally dark skin of racial-prejudice disposition kiss unprotected… when asked about the light that is dark you demure and say ‘oh I don’t have any wisdom and I am not better than anyone else’s letting the enemy of men’s souls destroy give me liberty or death sense… it’s just destiny prescribed in the textbook of subliminal text messages’ guaranteed in hyperbole: second amendment amenities for the privileged few that take sides’ after the bodies are removed by disinfected immunity against prosecution bulldozers of virtues performed in the public morass of anything restrictive a violation of rebellion healthy expression… our creator wants the best product available and the great “I am” manufactured TV commercial-break free ‘me’ only in exoteric version if you can’t euphonize it you shouldn’t be a realist in the first place… yes, you’ve found that your little drama-debacle coincidences are miraculous pointers of doing god’s will that mere human intelligence couldn’t be solely responsible for… god did it… no one else has an assembly-line that is spontaneous as producing caricatures of the originals without diseases and imperfections looking as if they have grown deeper spirituality because of these defects… this glorious caricature of Calvary that wants everyone acme-free in a pimpled system that turns your scars into stars… it goes then that logically from one object you encountered in the light that you saw clearly, to go on to the next one to a glorious infinity of engrammatic cranial absences’ of poverty falsifying humility without gold standards of glamour’s morals that you were chastised in youth for; but now you deny materialism for the use of money and not the love of money; and follow Gaga-poop-ba-boopy on Christian TV seed faith planting to harvest a fortune back… there’s enough confusion in the world as you shake your rattle and pound on your highchair before your mommy burps you: now I can understand those adults who swallow camels and arm to the teeth knats... will the real Jesus please come down… you go down that isle petting your puppy-prototype manufactured in the Rwanda’s miniature Jerusalem thinking at least I’ll do god’s will if only by me his stripes I am healed of embarrassing humanness… you’re convinced that your vision seen through your eyes is the ability to physically conceptualize the invisible ‘success image of you’ that you see in your mind… when you touch that puppy literally in the sky you can eat it like a python lurches forward to clamp its jaws onto a rabbit and by locomotion inch by inch swallow with pride favoring euthanasia and abortions and tolerance of evil issues inching back through you’re ‘let’s try to understand the evil’s point of radical gobbled-me-up view’ completing the primordial cycle of the serpent in the garden tempting Lucifer to appear as a little red fiend with two horns and a pitchfork tying the damsel to the railway tracks to be run over by amoral cabooses… excuse me… i’m just sitting down to dinner here… why of course, you are released from any kind of personal liability of eaters’ with prejudice moralizers of condemnation of others intolerant of constitutional freedom… don’t even have to burp that one out; because God is good as long as you’re not in pain and swallowing camels of truths surely god isn’t black and white when it comes to babies coming out of anal protected sex… more like it, He is a sensible python swallowing back narrowness… and you can see the inch by inch locomotion by how you treat others after you’ve left the whore house after a kiss on that circumcised God-sensible vulva of I believe in the virgin birth, but Jonah in the belly of the fish I’m not sure… you digress while musing that if the snake ever got out of the rabbit’s belly by that unknown force called inch-by-inch backward-logic, something as anomia as faith realities… well, god isn’t darkness… god is light… welcome to hell…
~Phillip Brown

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