August 1, 2016

Two Poems by Joan Payne Kincaid: "Time to Reorder," and "The Trees are Taking Over II"

Joan Payne Kincaid Lives with Rod, a Rescue cat named Cordelia, and Fox Terrier named Fancy She writes and paints in Sea Cliff, Long Island. Her work has been published in The Wallace Stevens Journal, Clackamas, Comstock Review, Gargoyle, Hawaii Review, Paris Atlantic, Limestone Poetry Review, Licking River Review, Iodine, Hampden.Sydney Poetry Review, and other journals. Once upon a time she was an Opera and Concert Performer. Her latest book, "Being Here: New and Selected Poems 1988-2012," is available at Amazon.


Time to Reorder

A deep existential panic the anesthetic glow of Microsoft
Office an ingenious method of social control.
Your life the continuing saga reminded me of
blue glass office buildings the boss felt it too.
Crammed Airstreams rented-out to computer coders
white crocuses don’t sugarcoat the situation .
The decision did not bring happiness to all.

In the garden I prefer over dramatic to passive aggressive.
I feel like I’m in control without being controlling
five straight hours of meetings from fast speed to cruise ship.
Look in the files layers of bureaucracy leaving little innovation
and the birdhouses on the property at the end of the day it’s life
embarked on another lofty project.

Show me my survival jars of this and that magical capsule
now that spring is here
unforeseen opportunities open up conducting fake meetings.
None of his paradigm- changing projects has proceeded smoothly.
Remember those Ivy League tricksters you used to date!
Europeans don’t like the idea of Europe like a Greek drama crisis.
The upshot he says the Treaty of Versailles can fix it.

Only activity is the spring bulbs pushing up.
Her life is words in the mind he kept saying I must understand
sort through the wreckage- self management is needed.
A team building exercise 350 million to spend on the idea.

Suddenly daffodils appear.
We need radical transparency.
We need an idealistic multi millionaire here running out of time.
We need concentric vases of forsythia.
A minor celebrity from Harvard.

Opening buds of magnolia
Windows of sunlight
Circles of responsibility liability
Looking forward not backward.

The Trees Are Taking Over II

The best case scenario is troubling.
Endless access to new information overloads memory.
Failure to share one’s marbles will result
in the marbles being taken away.

If we don’t make the switch the Earth
will be even poorer in species, habitats and
lifestyles for thousands more generations.
She could not retrieve herself from shopping anonymity .

Pope Francis said there is nobility
in the duty to care for creation.
The problem must be solved using a No. 2 pencil.
With each passing day off line I feel more relaxed

The cleanup will take tens of thousands of years.
Birds are nesting in the wall by the app
Mother would have said it’s a little chilly
digital and analog erasing cold –loving species

and inhabitants from the planet and Daffodils so
many varieties white yellow orange centers...
a world we can’t trust.
We’re having a fine April day the day Prince died.

~Joan Payne Kincaid

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