August 1, 2016

Essay by Connie Bedgood McWilliams: "Sam the Man"

When Connie’s grandson, Sam was three years old she took him to a Luau for a night of entertainment and food.  This is the short short of the beginning of that trip.
 The Gem, Woman’s Touch, White Harvest Church Newsletter, Read Me, Christian Single, Writer’s World and a newspaper for Northwest Houston how being single called Today’s People published her writing.

Connie was published in Gotta Write, Working Woman and Sagacity magazines

Soon she will be published in Good Old Days, Screamin Mamas and Conceit Magazines.

Connie and Sam photo furnished by Connie


I took my grandsons one at a time and we would go to movies, out to eat, or swim at my neighborhood pool every other week end.  When this story took place Sam was all of three years old in Houston, Texas.
This time we were going to a Hawaiian Party replete with setting on the floor but no poi, which tastes like grits and one eats it with the fingers.
Thank goodness, no poi!
Sam’s mom had bought bright green pants and a Hawaiian shirt to match.  I wore a Hawaiian dress with flowers all over it.
As I parked my Nova and was stepping out to go around to the other side of the car to let Sam out…he said, “I am not marrying you, Nanny!” as he slid out on to the concrete side walk.
I stood there, stunned at such a statement and replied, “I do not want to marry you Sam, just date you.”

We have gone to company dances, to church functions, picnics, animal parks, water parks, my class reunions, and funerals, now this year to a family reunion…we are still just dating!  He is 31 and I am 80.
Life is a bowl of Cherries. 
~Connie Bedgood McWilliams 

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