August 1, 2016

Two Poems by Tamsen Grace: "The Ravages of Divorce" and "I Remember Me"

Tamsen Grace is a published author and poet, inspirational speaker, martial artist,  and a cancer survivor. She lives in the Midwest with her three children. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time outdoors and teaching children Martial Arts.


I Remember Me

I remember me,
that girl from long ago,
who thought dreams
were on the horizon,
and love was
like a shooting star,
and you just reached out
and caught one.
I remember me,
that girl so full of trust,
who believed
she was worthy of love,
and thought that the worse
that could happen
was that you could get
your heart broken.
I remember me,
the girl with dreams
in her heart
and starlight in her eyes,
who still believed
that fairy tales were true,
and her happily ever after
would come.

And now I see
the woman,
who faced the flames
of her destruction,
and came through
scarred but living.
Who surveys the world
with jaded eyes,
unshed tears and
cancerous sighs.
And now I see that woman,
hiding behind
her walls of protection,
and I wonder if anyone
else can see,
that some tiny part
of her wonders,
that if she knocked down
the walls,
stepped into the moonlight,
and reached out her hands,
If it would still be possible
to catch a star

The Ravages of Divorce

I do not remember
how to live in peace.
My eyes search the night
for signs of attack,
My heart beats
like war drums,
pumping heated blood
through my veins,
I am vigilant day and night,
I long for peace
my soul has grown weary
from the fight.
War has become my existence.
Through the deep night
I strain to listen,
In the early light of dawn
I hear a bird sing,
Softly at first,
then loud and clear.
The foolish bird will soon
be captured by a predator,   I scoff,
It finishes its song
And takes flight in the air.
I realize that it is free
to fly and sing,
while I am
a prisoner of war.

Tamsen Grace

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