August 1, 2016

A Poem by Ross Polen: “Kids at Trampoline”

Ross Polen is a high school English teacher and adjunct college composition instructor in Jasper, Indiana. He says poetry is his greatest content passion. His work has appeared in The Poet’s Haven.

Kids at Trampoline

The real thrill must come from
The young way they condescend death
At each rise and at each time they descend.

The symbolism is simple enough for them:
Candy-glazed nylon netting that keeps trying
To suck their bare feet in,
Like the amorphous and tantalizingly sensuous
Clothes/toy pile in the bedroom corner
Evilly outlined by the night light’s end.

But they can see the fun in this darkness,
This slick black void that that they giggle on,
Toe-pierce, and destroy at play –
Just as they did on their first day
Entering the earth
As they knew all was ok.

~Ross Polen

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