August 1, 2016

Three Poems by Kristen Williamson: "Chaos," "Daisy," and "Falling Apart"

Kristen Williamson is currently a Graduate in English Literature and Creative Writing at Binghamton University In New York, where her fields of study include poetry,and fiction. She has been featured in: Slink Chunk Press, The Stray Branch, The Zine and others.


I think he was mad,
and there’s something beautiful,
in that madness.
Maybe that madness
kept me sane.

Isn’t that amusing?
Someone else’s misery,
can bring you sanity.



I melted into you,
like a daisy,
slumping to the side,
from the heaviness of its own weight.

Falling Apart

I miss the warmth of your shoulder,
the one I laid my head on
as we danced in the kitchen
of an empty house.
Our ghosts packed
in boxes spilled between rooms.
You pulled my body into yours
and hummed an off key melody
in my ear-
to stop the pain
from leaving my aching chest.
The heat of your mouth
dancing to my neck
in a silent plea of defeat-
just one more moment
before goodbye.

Kristen Williamson

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