August 1, 2016

Three Poems by Jim Boswell: "Exponential Reality," "The Primal Force," and "Loose Ends"

Jim Boswell calls himself "a writer of the spirit from the heartland." A native of Culver, Indiana, he now lives in North Carolina, but continues to write stories and novels that take place in a the fictional Indiana town. He is the author of one published novel, "The Sower's Seeds." More of his poems can be found on his blog at:


Exponential Reality

With the acknowledgment
That love Is the constant
In exponential reality,
Then the reality of the cosmos
Is exponential goodness.
What is enlightenment like?
It is like looking up at the ceiling
And knowing
That if at that very moment
The ceiling would collapse
Down on top of you
And destroy you,
That the world and cosmos
Would continue on
Towards exponential goodness.

Happiness is knowing
That every moment in time
Is moving closer to perfection.

The Primal Force

The nature of gravity,
The primal force of the cosmos
Is attraction,

And so is the nature of love.

Loose Ends

If it’s not “Just you and me and God”,
But instead “Just you and me”.
Then what happens
When either you or I go away?
What happens when
Both you and I go away?

If you want to be like Jesus
Then be like Jesus,
And that means to love
With a poverty of spirit (the first beatitude).
If you want to be like Buddha
Then be like Buddha,
And that means to love
With detachment (poverty of spirit).

Just as a journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a single step, then another,
Even the largest star must begin
With a single atom, then another.

You should be where you want to be,
And you are where you are.

Within the essence of perfection
Everything is both input and output;
And by definition
Everythingness is perfection with love.

Love is greater than one
And flow within exponential reality
Is toward ever expanding goodness
And love to the nth power.

One day while lost in thought
I lost a thought
And I wondered where it went.
Later, I discovered
There is no such thing as a lost thought.
In fact, I discovered
There is no such thing as a thought.

After the Second Coming
Will come the Third, Fourth, Fifth, . . .
And the Nth.

Time is relative.
There is no time in eternity.
Relative or Not,
Every moment defines God.

Regardless of what one might think,
Everyone is Enlightened.
(At least to some degree).

~Jim Boswell

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