August 1, 2016

Three Poems by E. A. Feliu: "Broken screen window," "American psycho,' and "The cannabis machine"

E.A. Feliu is an author, artist and journalist in San Diego, CA. He is the author of "Postcards from the Tattooed Man's Chest." He is working on a book of tankas titled " Handlining Telegraphs."

Broken screen window

It occurs to me
reading Blumenthal's Laps
listening to Eno's Ambient 1
catching the breeze
through the living room window
teasing the wisps in Casey's ears

undulating trout
their staying a going-to
stillness in restless water,
it occurs to me
this is the first window
I've sat with in seven months

because the light was bad,
I startled at shadows, trout-like
shunning the sun's blatant defection
though now understanding surrender
is coldest rebellion, daring the sky's maw
to gaff these songs.

American psycho

Trust again.
Go into the world.
The front yard
is buried in an album.
The music exploded.
DNA samples are being taken
from America's highways.

The cannabis machine

Why do you chant in my tea?
You're sabotaging the longest day
with colored shirts.
The fastest paintings
are in California.
Rub me with a butterfly.
Colorful intellectuals
have fancy culinary suggestions
blending lawsuits.
Purple toenails mortify me.
A kouros crosses the street
brushing Chemical Ali.

E.A. Feliu

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