March 5, 2017

A Poem by Carol Ann Moon: "1969 Hasbrouck Heights: The Show Must Go On"

Carol Ann Moon is a library professor at Saint Leo University and an MFA candidate at Stetson University. Her slice-of-life poetry often features the wonderful and indomitable women in her family.

Wikipedia-Hasbrouk Heights

1969 Hasbrouck Heights: The Show Must Go On

One Jersey summer day
We wee Irish twins
Strolled with Nana
Passed soda parlor
And florist
And grammar school
We imagined seeing
Sinatra’s mother, Dolly,
Sitting at the NJ Transit bus-stop,
Returning a broken scarab
Fell down completely
Long legs splayed
Stockings dirty
Pale Irish face starting to bruise
Ever the ray of sunshine though
Nana smiled
We wee ones knew
She would do her soft-shoe routine tonight as usual in the tiny yellow kitchen

© Carol Ann Moon

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