March 5, 2017

Three poems by Susan Kahil: "Shatterproof Heart," "A Dose of Laughter," and "Bluebells"

Susan Kahil singer/songwriter/poet is originally from the UK but has lived in Southern Spain for the past twelve years in a secluded mountain valley on her olive, orange and avocado farm. Surrounded by nature, lots of animals and wildlife, this is where she draws her inspiration for poetry and original songs. She has been published in several publications including an anthology. Visit her Facebook page at:

Shatterproof Heart

They said her heart was unbreakable
Bullet and shatterproof, scratch resistant, impenetrable

Against the wrath of hail, fire and brimstone
Then how the hell could ‘Love’ leave its mark a binding tone
With one delicate tender warm breath wave, whispering an
‘I love you’ of sanguinity
Subtly absorbed inside past a labyrinth of defenses unlocking
The doors to affinity
Releasing a kaleidoscope of fluttering butterflies
Flittering wings of lighted lashed eyes
Once a shatterproof heart now without encased armour
Freely beating to the rhythm of her consummate charmer

(Previously published in Raven Cage Ezine 2016)

A Dose of Laughter

I want to laugh until I cry tears
Just laugh and laugh for years and years
Feel inside nothing but happiness and joy
See smiling faces on every girl and boy

Jump in puddles sing in the rain
Dance and be that child again
Fizzy bubbles inside mind race
Puts a great big grin on my face
Laughter takes you back to see
The simple times of being free
Charlie Chaplin said we should ‘smile’
So now I do it all the while
The Buddha liked to have a giggle
His consciousness a feather tickles
The laughing policeman could not stop
I wonder if he eventually did pop
The best medicine ever to prescribe
Gives you energy more alive
Ha ha ha and a he he he
I’m all of a sudden so happy


Carpets of bluebells cover forest floor
An entrance an opening a secret door
To a world so ‘dreamy’ for just a while
A place in springtime to create a smile
Bells a nodding they gather under shade
So sunlight their beauty does not fade
Fairy folk in dense woods do meet
Mythical flower a scent so sweet
Trees huddled together ancient and new
Understorey appears a haze of violet-blue
Enchanted gardens holds me in a trance
While butterflies kiss each one and dance
I just had to stop look and stare
Transfixed by their magical glare
So timid and pretty they seem to be
Hauntingly I’m captured same time free

© Susan Kahil

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