March 5, 2017

Three Poems by Anoucheka Gangabissoon: "I Saw Me, Did You?" "My Choice," and "The Contrasting Color"

Anoucheka Gangabissoon is from Mauritius, where she is a primary school educator. She says she “writes and publish as hobby and passion.” She has published a collection of poems titled “Awakened Fancies,: and has a nother collection pending with the Ministry of Arts of Mauritius. Her blog is at She has been published in various literary journals, including SETU, Different Truths, Dissident Voice, and Tuck Magazine. Her works can also be found at

I Saw Me - Did You?

I move out of my own self
And see me, as the society does
How scary!
I am a woman, feminine and frail
I am heartless
I am showy
Too fussy
Meant not to be given any consideration
But, still
I am to be judged
I am to be evaluated
I am to be weighed
To be deemed as being
Expertly artful in bed
Yet, pretending to be made of saintly essence!

Why, once, I saw me as the world did
I saw me and what I saw frightened me
To the extent of having me pushing myself back in me
And, after breathing in deeply
Holding my head high proudly
I walked out to the world
And smiled at the face of its judging mentality!

I am Me
I am the warmth that enrobes me
I am the strength that drives me
I am the voice that speaks out
I am the feelings that envelop me
I am not that which the world sees
Remove the veil of blinded vision from your gaze
Then, you shall see me!

My Choice

I chose to love God
Even if such is the hardest choice in life

I chose to love God
Even if I hardly ever get to feel His presence
Or even enjoy His company
Even if by doing so, my life feels so empty and void!

I chose to love God
When I was faced with the complexity of life
See, being conscious in a dream
Does not imply that one has to be involved in it

Being conscious in a dream
Means that we are inevitably bound to wake up
And see the other facet of existence
That which is known and perceived as being the sole Truth!
The other side, there where our puppeteer resides
Spending His days playing with our strings
There where immersed in His glory,
We shall forget about the dream from which we have just woken up from
And there where we shall learn to rejoice, of being

The Contrasting Color

Pray, for the whole world I shall most probably be deemed as being a sinner
A sinner, having made of love, her storybook's cover
But a being I am , made of questioning
Yes, a being I am, who lives according to her own mystical experiences!

Mind you those chattering tongues I shall not let myself be bothered about
For life has opened up to me
Life has showed me its roots, its origins
Even if did not offer me any explanations for its meaning

Life did imbibe in me, wholesome faith
And along with faith, life did immerse me in love
Love made of a most mystical type
Love made of a most unique type

Pray, to it I do hold on to
As if it were the course allowing life to flow in me
For life does end, as if it were a mere dream
Or a nightmare, depending on its existence
Life does end, and none can say for sure what shall happen next!

So, the clattering tongues can clatter as much as they want
I do mind not being taken for a sinner
I mind it not, for life is for me, still a mystery
Life is still, in its essence, a mere puzzle!

I shall live it as to what is bestowed on me
I shall live it as to what is gifted to me
I shall live it imbibed with the mystical
Imbibed with love radiating for the whole of creation!

Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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