March 5, 2017

Three Poems by Lisa Keifer: "Dressing Up," "a Portrait," and "Darling"

Lisa Keifer is a budding writer from a rather small town in Indiana. She currently resides in an even smaller town with her husband and precocious son.

Dressing Up

She steps out, playfully popping a few bubbles from the bath before
slowly, softly drying off.
Hours of pampering are ahead of her, necessary yet delightful.
First things first, she must start with the dress.
Soft rose, flowing ruffles, gentle in every way.
It slips smoothly over her creamy porcelain skin,
and, after adjusting the rose pin, she continues.
Bouncing, brilliantly auburn curls
lightly begin to fall around her shoulders
as she carefully twirls them one by one.
A vibrant white string of pearls is then
delicately hung around her neck,
barely grazing the
ampleness of her chest.
Quickly, she glances in the mirror once more before
the finishing touches then…
In he walks, pausing a moment before
approaching the long mirror beside her.
His beautiful dark hair, parted to one side, faintly stands out
against his lightly tanned skin.
Those green eyes so full of love,
bright and cheerful.
Never has he looked so amazing in his
black-and-white pinstriped suit
as he does in this moment.
What a contrast, she thinks, in the crispness of the apparel
and the firm softness they hold.
Carefully, she adjusts the silken tie as he remains ardently by her side,
enraptured by her allure.
Radiantly, he smiles, gazing wondrously at
the sight in front of him.
She takes his breath away daily,
but this sight of her amazes him even more.
Never do his eyes leave her nor do her eyes from him.
Few more moments of watching each other pass before
the caring embrace.
Tenderly, each is held, as she gently caresses his face,
and he warms the small of her back.
Complimentary to each other in so many ways,
they seem a perfect match inside and out;
their hearts beating into the same rhythm
as they hold one another close.
Stepping back slightly, she twirls for him and
enjoys her lover’s admiration.
They share one more gentle hug and
a quick, tender kiss.
And yet another kiss before heading out into
the gorgeous, sunny afternoon.
Off to a party full of people, never forgetting
the sweet moments shared alone.

A Portrait

With him she belongs, no trifling love; those
Perpetual dreams of lace and silk,
soft white against her skin, mingled
with hopes of loving eternally.
Neither eloquent nor suave is he,
but him she loves with more heat than
even the golden sun could hold.
She yearns, she longs, and though
occasionally she falters in her
clumsy attempts at making him
laugh or catching his eye, she knows
his focus will never sway, knows this man
she adores, so confident, so bright,
will never stray; returning her love he
does so fervently. Their bond,
this unequivocal connection of
honesty and trust, flooded the canyons
which once were their empty lives;
that elusive hope no longer a runaway,
its feet planted firmly in the garden
they began years before. What were
only shades of dirty brown and dingy gray,
dismal and dreary in their detached
worlds, radiates now a rosy glow
of rubies and gold. A glance she takes
to her left, and there he sits,
his hand cradling hers, the warmth of
his lips gently grazing her cheek
as she turns to him with a blush.
He whispers softer than the slowing
winds blow yet she catches every
word in her ever-attentive ears;
his words swirl into her soul
and captivate her captured heart.
Flushing, she absently traces his hand
with her own, relishing the comfort her
lover’s touch gives. Looking forward again,
she dreamily sighs as he pulls her nearer to
himself as if desperately craving to feel her
as close as she can possibly be.
They smile with the flash, this moment
forever suspended in time.


Hurried, heavy footsteps do I hear
Advancing up the distant back stairs;
My heart not only skips a beat but
Pirouettes round and round, springing
High into the air; it jumps and
Leaps and floats among the clouds.
As you walk in the door, I

Squeal with delight, running to
The sounds of my lover; you call
With your deep voice and beckon with
Your beautiful lips. I throw myself
Into your arms, so muscular and
Tight, holding me close to your heart,
A heart so full of the love I

See in your darling eyes, with that
Spark of heat that glows from
Within, and your smile that beams
When you look my way, a smile I
Want to give you every day. And
That laugh, so low and sweet, echoing
In my ears; its silkiness melting

Me inside; I long to hear your laugh
Again and again, my soft eyes and
Hands full of only you. The
Vibrancy of spring’s blossoms and
Autumn’s leaves, so lacking, so
Inferior to the profound warmth,
The fierceness, the depth of our

Love. Feverish kisses we share,
One after another, me still wrapped
Around you, our bodies entwined;
Laughing again, you whisk me away
To a place we could only know together,
A place where we will live until day’s
End, week’s end, year’s end, forever.

© Lisa Keifer

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