March 5, 2017

Three Poems by Blanca Alicia Garza: "Inamorata," "Love from Afar," and "Hold my Hand"

Blanca Alicia Garza is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a nature and animal lover, and enjoys spending time writing. Some of her poems have been published in the Poetry Anthology, "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze," now available at Blanca's published work can be viewed at The Poet Community, Whispers in the Wind Blog, The Winamop Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, as well as Birdsong Anthology 2016, Vol 1.


I'd love to be the rain
cascading down
all over your body
cleansing you
refreshing you
loving your beauty
your scars
caressing your very soul
kissing your thirsty lips
like the morning dew
does to the rose

I wish to be the sun
peeking through your window
waking you up
with a tender touch
warming every pore
of your soft skin

I want to be the moon
to see you every night
Illuminating your path
your darkest nights
to whom you tell
your secrets
your sorrows
and deeper desires

I pray to be
the reason for your smile
your first morning thought
the best of your poems
a never ending story
an everlasting love.

Love from Afar

Like a wolf in love
with the moon...
She cries at night for
something she cannot have
cannot touch...
She's fallen in love
with the impossible
like the moon
a love from the distance
She wonders how she can
miss something so much
that she's never had;
something never touched...
but she does, and she will
because she knows that
someday she will have
what she longs for so much.

(Initially published on Raven Cage Ezine)

Hold My Hand

I could stay in the most dark and coldest corner of your soul... I'm not afraid of your darkness.

I would break my heart into a thousand pieces... just to write you a poem with every one.

I could remain in silence for awhile... just to hear the sweet melody of your heartbeat.

I will walk with you in the fiercest storm... if you promise to hold my hand tightly.

(Initially published on Scarlet Leaf Review)

Blanca Alicia Garza

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