March 5, 2017

Three Poems by Tamsen Grace: "Eve," "This Princess Saved Herself," and "I Am Pink"

Tamsen Grace is a published author and poet, inspirational speaker, martial artist and a cancer survivor. She lives in the Midwest with her three children. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time outdoors and teaching children Martial Arts. Visit her blog at:


You left me twisting in the wind,
the noose growing tighter,
I cut off my head
to save myself.
I danced with the vultures.
The snake tried to tempt me,
but without a head
what is the use of knowledge,
let me return to dust,
dislodge the apple
from my open throat,
I am choking on good and evil.
Loving you
was my greatest sin.
Headless, I reinvent
my creation story,
and give your rib back.

This Princess Saved Herself

Do words really
soften the blow?
I have some words for you...
The world exists
in abstract contradictions.
Love hurts.
Why we want
what we can't have,
or crave what hurts us.
Glass slippers
always pinch your toes.
Before the happily ever after comes,
You're chased by huntsmen
who want to cut out your heart,
Or bad, bad wolves
with words to try to
beat you down,
Words they use as blows.
Blows they use as words,
to tell you lies about yourself.
Cupid can shoot poison arrows
that pierce your heart,
that makes a cancer grow.
I thought the prince would come and save me,
but I think he is still looking
for the right words
to sweep me off my feet.
So despite my throbbing toes,
this princess saved herself.

I Am Pink

I hated pink,
until I became it,
my being,
a war of words,
became my battle cry.
A warrior unleashed,
to live or die,
in mortal combat.

Battle won,
the foe vanquished
from my breast,
I earned this pink ribbon.

I am pink...
a Warrior in pink.

(All of these poems were previously published in Tamsen Grace's book, "Skeletons in My Closet,"  published by Creative Talents.)

Tamsen Grace

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