March 5, 2017

Two Poems by Tamara Lakomy: "Memory" and "Poison"

Tamara Lakomy is an archaeologist, specializing in the occult practices of indigenous people, herself of Berber Amazigh and Slavic descent. She runs a foundation that operates in East Africa, specializing in the cultural preservation of indigenous tribes, women’s rights and education. She also advises foreign governments. She’s a priestess in training having embraced the faith of the Mother Goddess. She is a co-founder and pioneer of to collaborate on sustainable solutions to troubled regions. She’s also a great animal lover, saving stray and neglected animals in her native country since she was young


Blame the knife of reason, cut the lying cord
Blunt the voice of doubt, as it sows grains of discord
Dull the mind that spoke of wilfulness, life is a long sea
Flotsam, jetsam, debris of value, it brings you back to me

Life is a tourbillon of spiralling broken dreams
They wash ashore the banks of the pastures of human hope
For there is nothing that is lost in the circles of the world’s beams
Casting back into our laps the burdens we couldn’t cope

The power of resolution is the girdle of the wise
That walk away from the tribulation of heroism’s sour flair
For the knight to be impaled upon his own lance is his demise
And from the goblets of sacred communions drink your fill of despair

There is no reward for the herald, first to banner victory to the sky
Last to be remembered as his blood is trampled into the dusts of time
The sea regurgitates back to you, hosts of desires long buried to die
Weathered by treacherous memory’s taint, syncretism with grime

There is no mending the shoes that guide the fool
Beast of burden of demonic laughter, swindlers of our fate
For we are the games of their enjoyment, our vast minds their vain tool
At last when Saturn’s gates are sealed fast, we are left to nurture hate

The fool to the summer sings its eulogies, beacons bright of his devotion
Till tides change and your heart strings wear thin
Again to wait for you by the sea, rejected finally by its toying emotion
A shadow, a ghost of your own memory, a haunting echo from within

I threw the memory of you into the sea, trust its devious waves to roil
Dismember every fragment of your soul, scattered as the water’s foam
For even immured in thought and bone, the memory shall eventually spoil
Till you vanish like hoar in the morning or the horizon beneath the gloam


Of all the tastes of poison in mouth, you were most fine
You watched me wade deep into the rivers of my decline
Of all the daggers that excoriated my flesh, you were divine
Through the blissful agony, you rent the drapes of time

You held my heart in purgatory, my thoughts in a barbed mesh
That dig deeper the more I ceded to your touch, shearing my flesh
For there is nothing in your regard that beckons joy and revelry
You are the ruler of depravity, my master over perfidy

Cut me open to the skies, may the winds greet my offered tears
Whip me clean of my sins as I embrace what death reveres
The moribund descent into hell is the acceptance of my human servitude
Nothing to receive from ageless heavens but empty relentless platitudes

So show me the path of contrition, the cleansing of my ailing mind
That shall to the precipice of chaos my errant thoughts bind
For in the mercy of redemption I hold no conquering place
I ripped away my glory as I fell like a meteor beyond the reach of grace

I counted the steps as a heartbeat, my reaper knew the tune
Forever patient awaiting my compliance as I surrendered life’s boon
For in the poignancy of my agony you draped the heavens with my skin
Shearing from me my essence, as the descent into oblivion does slowly begin

For freedom is perhaps a world away from mortal coils
Where I shall dance no more around the aged fires of my ancestor’s soils
And bereaved of the anchor that held my wretched soul in place
All the shrines of the godless demons and false masters I shall deface

© Tamara Lakomy

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