March 5, 2017

A Poem by Fizza Abbas: "Words"

Fizza Abbas is a struggling writer and poet from Pakistan, who loves to explore the world with visionary eyes. Her work has been published in many online publications, including Best New Poems, The Legendary, Eye On Life, Express Tribune, Poetry Pacific, Health TV, and many others.
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It always hurts
when you have to seek the permission
of your words
to express your emotions completely
as they look at you with a condescending sneer,
like an old granny
who, while sitting on her chair,
nitpicks everything you do,
tells you the stories of her past,
expects you to learn a lesson from them
so that she can feel the joy of an enforced relatability,
the happy disillusionment of a reduced age-gap
and the thought of overthrowing your mom's position
by making the superficial bond with you,
but when after becoming the conformist daughter,
you make a common 'mistake'
of choosing a boy for yourself,
she raises her eyebrows,
and forces you to become vulnerable
all over again
because she loves seeing you unveiled.

Do you still want me to love you, words?

© Fizza Abbas

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