March 5, 2017

Four Poems by Nicole Surginer; "Yearning," "Wearied," "Forlorn" and "Painted"

Nicole Surginer, is a poet from the small town of Bastrop,Texas. She is inspired to write through her love for nature's enchantment, a fascination with the power of raw, intense emotion and a desire to create beauty with words. She has been published in Tuck Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Indiana Voice Journal, In Between Hangovers, Your One Phone Call, and several others. Her poems are slated to appear in the anthology "Dandelion in a Vase of Roses" later this year.


The storm rages wildly and I fear
there is no shelter from this storm.
Your voice carries in the wind;
Whispering truths I dare not dream.
Passion rages recklessly;
Raining your essence
into my longing soul.
I thirst to drink you of
this black velvet sky.
To taste your love for
but a single moment,
I would burn down heaven
and dance with hell.


I have tired of futile efforts;
Reading scripts of my soul
into the ears of disregard.
Your words, whispers of ghosts;
Ice cold shrills of dead breath
echoing through lonely space,
shredding my wearied heartstrings.
Helpless tears fall empty
as I choke on bitter air.
I tear out my own eyes
to elude your cold glare.


She is delicately somber.
Her burden great to bear.
Atrocities of the night
defile her tender eyes.
Dark souls roam in unrest,
lurking shadows;
Spewing curses upon
the sleepy earth.
They defile the fields of dreams,
planting baneful seeds.
Mourning the acrid taste of
hopeless tears shed in her glow,
She sinks low in velvet sky;
Thirsting for daylight.


I gaze glare eyed
an amber, indigo
splattered sky.
Dark interlacing light
in colliding realities.
A painting breathed
upon grey canvass;
A smile breaking
through bloodied tears.
I watch the sun
in grace bow out,
as day’s curtain
draws night;
Laying dead this
moment to eternity.
A silken moon peeks
timidly between seams
of cloud break
as a dreary night’s
journey begins.

© Nicole Surginer

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