March 5, 2017

Three poems by Joyce Zephyrin: "Resolution," "Love," and "Old Love"

Joyce Zephyrin is a member of The Last Stanza Poetry Association and the Poetry Society of Indiana. She has a book of poems, "Shadows on the Land," available on Amazon. She loves art, travel, and music.


I woke at dawn to a frosted world
The lazy sun paints pink on houses far away
Tree tops not yet sun streaked
Blue frost on shadowed grass
The sky, a wintry blue edged in palest pink
And deer seek dried out corn

All is peaceful, gloriously still
The crunch of frost underfoot
Amplifies the silence of
Bare trees so eloquent, so still

Oh, how I wish this moment
Could stay so fine
But I can carry stillness
In my heart and mind
Shining it with love
To all I meet or find


I crave a lovely raspberry chocolate crème
Anticipating every luscious bite.
A genius cooked that precious dream
To bring to humankind a quick delight.
I love impressionist art, proclaim,
For every stroke of colorful design
Displays so well within the muted frame,
Resulting form so passionate, sublime.

A new-born baby comes to bless us all
With joy, her tiny fingers holding tight,
With hope for life and love, we heed the call
Of downy hair and eyes of glimmering light.
Yes, Beauty is continuous and rife;
Each is a miracle of harmonious life.

Old Love

New Love is a shiny coin
That attracts and holds attention but
Old Love, weathered and fast,
Is a comforting saddle bag,
Nicked and scarred by
Time and events but,
Oiled by kindness, humor and
Is still flexible enough
To get through
Life’s storms with its
Precious cargo
Still intact.

© Joyce Zephyrin

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