March 5, 2017

Three Poems by Judy Moskowitz: "Implicit Bliss," "When I'm With You," and "Ode to Illusion"

Judy Moskowitz started playing piano at the age of three and became a professional jazz musician. She has performed throughout the New York City area and was part of the jazz scene in New York. Judy started writing poetry three years ago and has been published in Indiana Voice Journal, Midnight Dreamers Of The Yellow Haze, The Poet, Whispers Of The Wind, Leaves Of Ink, and Poetry Life & Times. She currently resides in Boca Raton Florida where she continues to play jazz and write poetry. They live side by side in her veins and soul.

Implicit Bias

Through the act of breathing
Comes another feeding frenzy of babble
That we inhale everyday
A subtle invader has made its bed
Living inside the unconscious mind
Absorbed and stored
Air tight jars of information
True and false
Coloring the world from black to white
Right to wrong
This primal tendency we humans own
In the bloodline of our kind
through every crack and hole
Seeping through our veins
A slow kind of poison
Manipulating and blurring our vision
An infectious disease
Spreading like mold
Feel the poverty in ignorance
Take a second look beyond
The holes in my shoes
The rags I wear
The homeless home I never owned
This could be you

When I'm With You

I listen to the cadence of your voice
A smooth and smokey register
Of musical notes
When I'm with you
The playback switch
Is always on a safe landing strip
Naked souls enriched
By never ending thoughts
When I'm with you
Sharing vices that only lovers do
When hot butter melts brown sugar
the world becomes smaller
As we evaporate into each others
Muscle and flesh

Ode To Illusion

The great pretender will shade you
With a red bulb
Affirm your beliefs and moral code
A carnival of mirrors
Reflecting a perfect image
Depending upon a linear
Or horizontal line
Fooling you with warm chicken soup
From unpleasantness
Coveting you under its hood and cape
While juxtaposing everything else
The enemy is hidden
Beneath the mask
With no identity
You believe every word spoken
Every word read
Deeply invested in illusion
A hypnotic spell repeating
Over and over again

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© Judy Moskowitz

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