March 5, 2017

Three poems by Marcia Conover: "Mollie Mollie Mollie," "Forever," and "A Need to Cry"

Marcia Conover was born in Indiana, growing up in a small Farming community located in northern Madison County. Since she was a small child, she has had a compassion for animals in need and a love of photography and the outdoors. She wrote short fiction and poetry since high school and has been published in Indiana Voice Journal and several anthologies available on Amazon. She is married with 2 grown children and lives on a small farm where she has owned and operated an in home state licensed child care since 1984.

Mollie Mollie Mollie 

Floppy ears and coat black as coal
Four small puppy paws with a goal
A nose to the ground sniffing about
Freely Giving puppy kisses no doubt
Always a laugh when you nip at our toes
Barking at water coming out of the hose
All items fair game if left on the floor
Playfully growling at things we ignore
Enjoying each day as fast as you grow
Long walks on a leash let's get up and go
People stop to scratch your sweet head
Your tongue gives baths to each one instead
The blink of an eye and it's mischief your in
Papers found shredded all over your pen
Half eaten suet cake for birds that's gross!
We love you regardless of what you do most
Cause that's what puppy parents just do
Hey….wait a minute that's my new shoe


When life together officially began
Care free and young without a plan
Many years of ups and downs
Times of smiles others frowns
The strength between us always there
Gentle, yet strong, fearless but fair
Serious times, couldn't shadow our fun
Our legacy: a daughter and a son
Love of my life, soulmate, best friend
All of our lives together we'll spend

A Need to Cry 

Life brings us many things
Directly in our path it seems
Circumstances we may dread most
Some pass by only brushing close
What if we never shed a tear?
Not for death, pain, suffering or fear
An atrocious world this would be
Emotions never to be set free
Tears flow endlessly everyday
Joy, sadness, worry, dismay
Watching stories on the news
Life tugs the heart, lights a fuse
Rescued pets from certain doom
A mother grieving an empty womb
Compassion, some ashamed to show
Crying is not a weakness to overthrow
Tears, liquid strength as they flow
Unbridled mercy we must undergo
When life throws a curve, we sigh
Sometimes there's a need to cry

©Marcia Conover

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